Hoffmeyer Nursery MarketingHoffmeyer Nursery Marketing (HNM)
Boost profits.  Maximize Sales.  Capture Market Share.

Hoffmeyer Nursery Marketing (HNM) provides sales and marketing services to help manage your business while keeping costs down.   We are experts in vendor managed inventory, sales analysis, and supply chain management.   Our services are geared to improve profits by improving performance and efficiency. 

Why HNM?  
  • Become performance driven with HNM to boost profits, maximize sales, and capture market share. 
  • Leverage HNM expertise to operate efficiently within major retail systems.
  • HNM is your #1 resource for maintaining and growing your customer relationship.
  • We provide the manpower needed to keep you focused on what you do best! 

We customize our services to fit your business needs.  To learn more about how HNM can help grow your business, contact Dave Hoffmeyer at 1.877.267.0078.

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