Hoffmeyer Nursery MarketingHoffmeyer Nursery Marketing (HNM)
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For many suppliers, vendor managed inventory is overwhelming.  You must navigate the retailer’s system, make it work with your own system, and have staff able to analyze the data to make the right decisions.  As more retailers demanded suppliers migrate to vendor managed inventory, Dave Hoffmeyer saw a need in the nursery industry to help other companies be successful with these processes.  Hoffmeyer Nursery Marketing organized in 2007 to fill this need. 

Our team has over 50+ years combined experience in retail & live goods, and the services we offer continue to expand.  Today, we offer a wide range of services ecompassing both live goods and cosumer packaged goods suppliers.  We assist with Supply Chain & Replenishment, Sales Representation & Management, Customer Service, Marketing & Product Development, UPC Data Synchronization Services as well as many specialized services for Growers. 

To learn more about us and how we can help grow your business, contact Dave Hoffmeyer at 1.877.267.0078.

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